Mary Elma Foreman-Chandler

  • Born: April 2, 1914
  • Died: February 24, 2010
  • Location: San Antonio, Texas

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Tribute & Message From The Family

Mary Elma Foreman Chandler, age 95, went to heaven to be with her Lord on February 24, 2010.

She was born on April 2, 1914 in Bradford, Ohio to parents, Marion Ellis and Lottie DuBois Shellenberger.

Her life was characterized by joy, compassion, service, wisdom, and truth. She lived over 90 years in Colorado before she moved to San Antonio, Texas. She played the organ and piano at church, taught Sunday school, and conducted Good News Club for Child Evangelism Fellowship for many years. She was an excellent baker of cakes, winning numerous first prize ribbons at the Colorado State Fair.

She was preceded in death by, her father, Marion Ellis Shellenberger, born August 29, 1889; and mother, Lottie DuBois, born February 14, 1888; her beloved husband of 53 years, Peter Russell Foreman, her husband of 4 years, Harley Chandler, and her brother, Rodney Shellenberger.

Mary is survived by four sons, LeRoy Ellis Foreman of Oklahoma City, Peter Alden Foreman of Aurora, Colorado, Jon Richard Foreman of San Antonio, Texas, and Joe Robert Foreman of Monument, Colorado; 11 grandchildren; and 14 great grandchildren.

MARCH 27, 2010
11:00 A.M.

Rev. Jim Bryant will officiate.

In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to Grace Bible Chapel, 2419 Thousand Oaks Dr. San Antonio, Texas 78232.

Condolence & Memory Journal

I've known Mary for about five years. To me, she was "Mary, Mary, quite contrary!" Not really, but that was my way of greeting her. Her response was always a smile and then some humorous reply.

She was a member of the Auditorium Class that I taught. She always sat right in the center and was often the center of discussion. Mary was one of those people you love to have around, because she helped make things interesting. In fact, I often used her in creating a dialogue, and she was usually quick to oblige.

Our goal for the class was 50. We never quite made it! 46 was the highest, and that was accomplished on an Easter Sunday. Her dream, and prayer as well, was that we would hit the goal. Even after she moved, her letters would ask whether we hit the mark.

When Mary left, she left a tremendous hole right in the center of things. I threatened to get one of those vacuum covers, you know, one that had a woman's dress and face on it, and place it where Mary used to sit, and hang a "Mary sign" around its neck. In all honesty, I never did that, even though I often threatened.

Mary, to me, was a splendid blend of lady-likeness, friendliness, humor and spirituality. I we missed her when shel left, and I am sure her new-found friends miss her as well.

However, heaven in no doubt a more wonderful place since Mary has arrived. I am sure she is not too much concerned with the things of earth now, but I am sure she is sitting or walking right in the centr of things, and vocally praising her wonderful Lord.

In the Savior's Name,
Dr Don Smith

Posted by Dr. Donald Smith - Aurora, CO   March 29, 2010

I was a good friend of Mary Chandler. I met Mary at Airport Blvd. Baptist Church in Aurora, Colorado where Mary was a long time--and loved by everyone-- member in good standing.

I would pick up Mary Sunday morning for Sunday School and the Morning Worship Service. Mary would have many exchanges with Dr Don Smith who taught Sunday School.

Mary and I would go out for lunch after the Worship Service then go for an hour or so drive to take in the beauty of God's creation in our wonderful state. One time we expanded our drive and drove South of Denver to Pueblo. Mary told me that she lived there for a long time. As you can see we enjoyed each others company.

Mary loved the Lord and told me often of how the Lord was so good to her by providing her with longevity and friends that showed her their love.

Mary was an energetic prayer warrior and whenever we talked she would always tell me that she was praying for my sons Jim & Chris that they would come to know Jesus Christ as their personel savior as well with Shannon, Jim's wife and their two children, Lauren & Ryan. Mary was constantly inquiring about the speech impediment that my grandson Ryan had and prayed for a normal understandable speech. Ryan's speech is improving, I believe, because of Mary's prayers. God's word says in James 5:17: "The effective fervent prayer of a righteous man and woman avails much."

Mary would call me her adopted son which made me feel closer to her. I believe the Lord Jesus Christ welcomed Mary into His Heavenly Kingdom with the words of "Well done my good and faithful servant."

Posted by Robert Buckley - Aurora, CO   March 29, 2010

My grandmother was one of those ladies that could talk to anyone - Walmart cashier, waiter/waitress, it didn't matter, God gave her the gift of talking and she did it. She was always able to make people feel welcome and comfortable no matter the situation. On many occasions she would make sure that the people she came in contact with knew Jesus. I think she honestly could not bare the thought of anyone not choosing Jesus; and would sometimes ask frequently just to make sure, you see.

There were quite a few times when she and Harley would come to visit in their motorhome and we would have the most interesting conversations; to listen to someone who truly was a part of history was a unique experience.

She would kindly give her advice about life in her own special way, "as the lady kissed the cow," and being "fine as frog hair."

She was a bit kooky; and she always joked with me about needing at least 5 Qrts of Vodka a day - one when she wakes up, one after each meal, and one before going to bed -If that were really the case it was no wonder she made it almost to 96- she was pickled. :D

Miss you Granny, see you again!

Posted by Heidi R Foreman - Hinesville, GA   March 23, 2010

Mary is one of those special people that no one can forget. I have known her for five years, but it seems like I have always known her.

Mary could always be counted on for her zeal and love for God. She always had a good word to say - she always left you feeling good, encouraged, strengthened. Her relationship with God was radiated in her life.

I have never known a sharper person at age 95, nor a person more deeply committed to Christ. It was obvious she had been walking with her Lord for many years. What a privilege to have spent a little time with her. I am so thankful for her testimony, for her prayers, as she always reminded me that she was praying for me, and I knew she sincerely was doing just that. Thank you Lord for Mary Chandler!

Posted by Jim Bryant - San Antonio, TX   March 22, 2010

Mary meant so very much as if she was my mom.she was full of life and cared so much for the lord and thanks to her she brought me back to him. She loved to joke and could take a joke too.I will miss her so very much she touch a great many people in her life.I know she would tell not to morn her passing but to rejoyce in were she would be going and that was with the lord.I'll still miss her so very much and hope that the day will come she will met at the gates of heaven. oh I will miss her so very deeply but learn so much from her. to have know her was a great honer of the most. with all my love MARY. one life time was not enough.

Posted by nancy carson - lochbuie, CO   March 08, 2010