Dr. Robert W Fuhrman

  • Born: May 8, 1957
  • Died: June 9, 2019
  • Location: San Antonio, Texas

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Tribute & Message From The Family

Dr. Robert W Fuhrman, 62, passed away June 9, 2019, following a two-year battle with cancer. Bob was a fixture and leader at The University of Texas at San Antonio since 1989. During his time at UTSA he served in a number of administrative roles, including 12 years as chair of the department of Psychology. Above all, Bob was a brilliant teacher and mentor, consistently working to educate undergraduates and expand graduate opportunities through classroom teaching, mentoring students in his lab, advising student organizations in Psychology, helping grow the master's program from its fledgling state to maturity, and securing and launching a new doctoral program. His courses were famous for being challenging, but students loved them. He was also known as a challenging advisor, but students sought him out to direct or serve on their thesis and dissertation committees. At the time of his passing, he had directed and served on more masters theses and doctoral dissertations than any other member of the faculty. In addition to earning several teaching awards, a recent post announcing Bob's retirement garnered nearly two dozen video messages (in just two days) from students who wished to thank him for his involvement in their education. He spent his career propelling students to success, and future students will continue to benefit from the curriculum and programs he worked to build.

Bob's students are not the only ones who will miss his wisdom and company. Bob was a mentor and a friend to his coworkers as well. He made time to help colleagues think through their projects and career choices. He had a knack for cutting to the heart of an issue and suggesting alternate ways of looking at the world, making him a great (if frustrating) person to test ideas on. He fought tirelessly to support faculty and advance the department under challenging circumstances. Through it all, he maintained a subtle, wry sense of humor and joy in discovery and debate that his students and colleagues loved and will sorely miss.

Condolence & Memory Journal

Posted by Jill Traweek - Tallahassee, FL   August 12, 2019

Bob was my undergrad faculty mentor. As I began my grad school journey, he wrote letters of recommendation for me. When I couldn't accept my spot at The Ohio St U, he helped me finish my application to the UTSA Master's program 2 days before the due date. I know he thought I was crazy running all over campus with my double stroller and two babies, but he just encouraged me and said it would all work out.
When my grad mentor was let go, the late Dr. Wenzlaff said Bob might take me on. I know Dr. Fuhrman was busy, but he did take me on- and he gave me the freedom to research what I wanted. I am forever grateful for the faith he had in me.
My research was about the role of personality in cancer treatment decision making. I didn't know about Dr. Fuhrman's health until last week, but based on 23 years of knowing him, and on the results of that research, I would guess that his personality served him well over the last two years as he privately struggled with cancer.
I will never forget his uniform- black jeans, a white button-up shirt with some sort of pastel stripe and blue suede shoes (replaced about 10 years ago with black Velcro tennis shoes). The collection I took up to buy the man a suit and tie when he became head of the department. The way he took the tie we got him and hung it on the back of his door in case he needed it. The way he treated everyone the same- from my 3-year-old to Dr. Romo (president of UTSA). The way he once got to campus for me at 9am....probably earlier than he'd ever been up before....and could barely speak until he lit a cigarette and in one breath sucked it clean and then lit another that took 2 breaths. His love of Dr. Pepper. How Social Cog was the hardest class I took as an undergrad...and the class I got the most out of. His love for us students...he truly cared about us.
He was a good man.
I am sad that he is gone. I'm glad that he is no longer in pain. I hope he has unlimited Dr. Pepper now. Thank you, Dr. Fuhrman, for everything!

Posted by Stephanie Keller Loalada - SAN ANTONIO, TX - Friend   July 01, 2019

I am so sorry to hear of Bob's passing. It was always great to visit with him at the Midwestern Psych. Assn. meetings. I will miss his presence and insight blended with gentle humor.

Posted by Bernie Dugoni - Chicago, IL - Friend   June 19, 2019

As a fellow alumna of Nolan Catholic, I wish to express my deepest sympathies to Dr. Fuhrman's family and friends. Sounds like his was a life well lived.

Posted by Julie Greene - Euless, TX   June 18, 2019

It's hard to sum up 57yrs of friendship in a paragraph. From kindergarten, we were charter members of Billy-Barry-&-Bobby, all with 3 sisters & no brothers. Whether playing spades, basketball in the driveway, or ping-pong, mowing lawns, carpooling to Nolan, or hanging out in the student center, we always had each other's back. Thoughts on girls, religion, politics, and family were all fair game and generally shared with beer and rock-n-roll; a friendship never questioned with mutual respect and encouragement. Then he blessed my marriage to his lovely sister, Kathy, and we became brothers-in-law. Too many memories, too little space. I'll always flash back when I hear Led Zeppelin or see a Newcastle, Bob. You'll always be missed.

Posted by Bill Dafcik - FW, TX - Family   June 17, 2019

Dr. Fuhrman had a huge imapct on me. He was my professer for several undergrad Psychology courses...none of which were easy thanks to his need to challenge his students! He was a character that was so familiar to me....super intelligent, wry, and wickedly straight forward. After my first semester as a Grad student in Experimental Psychology, I went to see him to tell him that it was just not for me.....I had done very well, but did not love the idea of being a "lab rat." He dropped his head in his hands and said, "I suppose you want to do that touchy feely counseling program......such a waste. You really have the capacity for this program." He shook his head, while signing a transfer to Counseling, and we parted ways. He said, "you really are going to like the Counseling program...it suits you. Please just remember all of the Psychology that you learned, and use it......you'll be great." I never saw him after that day, as I was moved to the Downtown campus.......but I will never forget him or his quirky ways. He was a gem.

Posted by Judy Dickey - San Antonio, TX - Student   June 16, 2019

Great friend. Patient and humble. Generous with his many gifts.

Posted by John Tierney - VA - Classmate   June 14, 2019

I will greatly miss you my dear physics partner from Nolan High School. You always had a special place in my heart and was always a good friend. I will miss you. Karen

Posted by Karen Bishop Flowers - Fort Worth, TX - Classmate   June 12, 2019


Bob was an excellent teacher, mentor, advisor, and counselor for not only his students, but for his sisters, as well. I am the youngest of his 3 sisters. Bob being 15 years older than me meant he was also a sometimes loving parent, fierce protector and firm disciplinarian. His continued support through the years has influenced me beyond words. His love and presence will be greatly missed by me and my sons, Gavin and Tyler. I will miss the Happy Hours full of conversation, commiseration and laughter. My love for music, my sense of humor and my ability to play pool are all directly related to Bob's influence! Thank you, Bob, for not only being the best brother and uncle, but also my friend. You will remain my anchor throughout rough times, in my heart. Never forget you, I will.

Posted by Amy Fuhrman - Fort Worth, TX - Sister   June 12, 2019

Bob was a truly great friend and colleague and I will miss him very much. He enjoyed the friendship and respect of all who worked with him, notably the other department chairs and associate deans in our college. His leadership of UTSA Psychology will have a lasting effect on the university, as his teaching and mentoring has been of profound benefit to many students We remember fondly The Fuhrman PrincipleBob's wry, realistic explanation for the workings of higher education. My heartfelt condolences to Bob' family and friends.

Posted by Dan Gelo - San Antonio, TX - Coworker   June 12, 2019

So sorry to learn of Bob's death. He was one of the best and we'll miss him.

Posted by Michele Tomarelli - West Lafayette, IN - Friend   June 12, 2019

So many memories - from late night drinking sessions at Miller's Pub while attending MPA to long and challenging discussions on research, philosophy, politics, and life in general. The world was a better place with Bob in it and I will think and speak of him often.

Posted by Scott Tindale - Oak Park, IL - Friend   June 12, 2019

It is hard to believe you are gone. You were the reason I fell in love with research. You were the most amazing guide and mentor I could have ever asked for and I will think of you often and question every research study I read. Thank you for sharing so much of your intellect and talent with me. Rest in peace dear friend.

Posted by Jodi Moss Lyssy - San Antonio, TX - Student   June 12, 2019


In addition to his colleagues and students at UTSA, Bob will also be sorely missed by his family.
I am one of Bob's 3 sisters. The advice I received from and discussions I shared with Bob over the years brought me new outlook and solutions to challenges throughout my life. I will miss our talks about life, politics, education, religion, the environment, science, and family, as well as his emails with long lists of links to numerous articles about life, politics, education, the environment, and science. I will miss his wisdom, insight, sense of humor, and laugh. Although he left us much too soon, my love and respect for my brother will continue for as long as I live.

Posted by Tina Mladenka - Pocatello, ID - Sister   June 11, 2019

From my FB post, on hearing of Bob's death: "As per earlier post, my good friend and colleague Robert Fuhrman died today. As his students and departmental colleagues know, the world is now less than what it was. That said, while I am sorry for the people and property damaged by today's weather, I want to thank the gods for honoringor is it lamenting?Bob's passing with a suite of thunder storms of Wagnerian scope.
After hearing the sad news today I bought a jug of Bob's favorite Trappist Belgian Trippel ale, and brought it to the house, intending to tithe his favorite sunset in his honor. But Thor and the rest of the pantheon spoke differently, so we hid in the house while a mesoscale thunder-boomer born in Bob's former home of Ft. Worth rose up and rolled into his final home of south Central Texas. I and the cats and dogs cowered while the hail fell and the winds blew, then snuck out to retrieve the patio furniture while the storms passed into San Antonio and points south, after which I took the aforementioned jug of 9% abv ale to the porch and watched the tail end of the cool front pass away. It was like sitting inside one of those electro-static plastic balls you see at the mall stores, black clouds passing to left and right while cloud-to-cloud lightning webbed the dark on both sides, thunder rocking the deck (we're fifty feet above the lake), and the occasional man-made electronic line or transformer bursting into sparks. My neck hurts. The thunder had the big dogs cowering. This was probably riskymy hair occasionally stood on end, and my phone GPS no longer finds north. But it was beautiful, and roaring, and God-like. And real. And fitting.
So that's what the gods sent for Bob. I'm out on the damp deck now, with an immense closing mug of Crown and Coke (his favorite airport drink when we traveled together), and cicadas and distant thunder parsing the night. The horizon is still flashing. All of us are still alive. But we are less than what we were." JT

Posted by Jeff Turpin - Canyon Lake, TX - Friend   June 11, 2019

Dr. Fuhrman, You were an inspiration to me and so many others at UTSA. You will be missed but all of us hope to continue to honor and expand your legacy.

Posted by Kristen Kolar Baker Prado - San Antonio, TX - Student   June 11, 2019

I have lost a "dear friend and colleague." As I think of the many moments of joy and excitement over lunch with him, since 2008, I dwell deeply in meditations for our Compassionate Lord to assist his soul rest in peace.

Posted by Augustine Osman - San Antonio, TX - Friend   June 11, 2019

It's difficult to imagine the UTSA Psychology Department without Bob. He was the heart and soul of the Department and always championed his colleagues. I will miss his wonderful, warm sense of humor, his insightful Fuhrman questions, his clear passion for students, and, above all, that wonderful Bob chuckle in the face of the ridiculousness of life. I feel honored to have known him. There is a Japanese poem that will always remind me of Bob (with a bit of rewording ): "Bury me when I die beneath a [beer] barrel in a tavern. With luck the cask will leak." I hope the cask leaks for you, Bob.

Posted by Ann Eisenberg - San Antonio, TX - Friend   June 11, 2019

Most people knew Bob as Dr. Fuhrman, but to us he will always be Bob. I wanted to share his silly side that he didn't show very often, but we loved.

Posted by Penny Huckie - DESOTO, MO - Family   June 11, 2019

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Most people knew Bob as Dr. Fuhrman, but to us he will always be Bob. I wanted to share his silly side that he didn't show very often, but we loved.

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