Family Album

Mike and I were very close growing up. This picture was taken in Fort Lauderdale, Florida 1967-68 while my Dad was in Vietnam. We use to sail small boats at my Grandma Yount's house and go to the beach at her clubhouse. We had so much fun! Everyone knew us. One time we got to go on the Big Daddy Pirate Ship and swim. Growing up, Mom and Dad took us on so many vacations. While at Yellowstone National Park, Mike and Cousin Scott went fishing and Mike snagged his back with a hook while casting his fishing rod. It was told that Mike put a stick in his mouth and dropped to his knees just like in the movies. LOL. Mike was good with his hands. He could craft, build and fix things so well. One day he took two bicycles and made them into one. I remember so well that Mike would jump on Dads truck to get on his double decker bike and ride up and down the street. So much fun! Mike was totally into the Scouts. He proudly progressed from the Cub Scouts, Webelos, and then the Boy Scouts. I r

Community Photos

This family photo was taken around 2004/5. We put it in a memory ornament for our Christmas Tree every year. We miss you Mom and Mike.
A great memorable picture of Mike, Mom & Lucy. Taken in front of Mike & Lucy's home.
Photo taken January 17, 2020. My last photo with my brother Mike. Taken at the Cell Phone Lot.
This picture was taken around 1986 (best guess) when Mark and I visited Mike and Lucy in San Antonio, TX. Mike was always so fun to be around and always joking with everyone. He loved putting on Halloween masks and scaring the heck out of me and everyone else. We had so much fun together as a family and I will always remember Mike's sense of humor, his consideration and kindness, his love for his family. I will always have my fondest memories with Mike and his family. RIP.