Condolence & Memory Journal

"Strict, energetic, and disciplined researcher" indeed, and a whole lot of fun to boot. Those days years ago on surveys in the Lower Pecos and Northern Mexico with Zintgraff were rigorous but great fun, too. Will never ever forget the nightime cloud burst that sent all of us scrambling into the back of a trailer--tight fit, lot of laughs, thunderous snoring. Unforgetable. Hard to believe this "force of nature" is gone. Maybe she and Jimmy are out there arguing still about the White Shaman. Nos vemos, Doña Solveig.

Posted by Robert Goldsbury - San Antonio, TX - Friend   July 29, 2020

I was profoundly saddened to hear of Solveig's passing. She was an extraordinary person, a friend a well as a boss. I was privileged to accompany her on some great adventures. My condolences to all who will miss her.

Posted by Dan Julien - Austin, TX - Friend   July 25, 2020

I am a cave biologist, formerly from Austin. I knew Solveig in the 1980s and 1990s, worked with her in Seminole Sink, saw her at work in Bonfire Shelter, visited her and Lee Bement at TARL to see the bone material and points from Seminole Sink. She published at least 61 pubs I think, most of which are on ResearchGate. A brainy and hard-working archaeologist, she made her mark on Texas and Mexico. Rest in peace, Solveig.

Posted by William R Elliott - Jefferson City, MO - friend   July 25, 2020

Dr. Solveig Turpin was one of the reasons I became an archaeologist, and an inspiration to all. I grew up hearing her name spoken with respect and gratitude for her many contributions to our field. She will be sorely missed. Allow me to take this opportunity to express my condolences to her family.

Posted by Logan Ralph - El Paso, TX - Acquaintance   July 24, 2020

Solveig was the person most helpful in preparing me for my first forays into the archaeology of the canyons, desertlands and mountains of trans-Pecos Texas, in 1994, when I first assumed the position as staff archaeologist for the Texas General Land Office, and I relied upon her regularly for sage advice until my retirement in 2011. IMO (after Hallie Stillwell), no one knew the history and pre-history of trans-Pecos more intimately, and was more generous in sharing her knowledge. RIP Solveig!

Posted by Bob Skiles - Austin, TX - Friend   July 23, 2020


Solveig was an amazing person. She will be missed by those who knew her and those who followed her contributions to Archaeology.

Posted by Melissa Voellinger - Austin, TX - Friend   July 23, 2020

It is difficult to believe that this incredibly unique, strong, interesting, fun, compassionate, passionate, multilayered, curious, straightforward, brilliant, loving woman is gone. She had a big presence and now there is a big absence. My heart aches for the family for whom Solveig was the strong center; her love for all of you was so deep

Posted by Lois Lorentzen - Sausalito, CA - Friend   July 22, 2020


Posted by Edward Payne - San Antonio, TX - Family Friend   July 21, 2020

I'm having a hard time realizing that Solveig's gone. Memories keep flooding back to me, and they are ALL good, which makes the loss even more profound. Your mom was my boss, my dear friend, my opera companion, my counselor, my mentor, and my champion. I have wasted a lot of time in my life, but never when I was with her. Each visit was uplifting, compelling, and memorable. It's likely that the last time we visited was when she made a presentation to my cultural resource management class, which meant a lot to me and to my students. They were learning from a legend, and she was in her element that night.

Please know that my heart aches for the pain your family is experiencing at this time. You all mean so much to me, and I share your grief at this time. I am forever in your debt for welcoming me into your lives and allowing me to share your mom. She was an extraordinary person with a gloriously stratified life of interests and pursuits, and I see that reflected clearly in each of you. Like Solveig, you have all journeyed far in pursuit of individual truths, pausing with purpose to discern and appreciate the rhythms of our shared existence. Yours is a marvelously unique family, and I celebrate that even as I mourn her passing.

Take care, my friends. I look forward to sharing stories in person when the world is well. Solveig is now a part of the past she spent her lifetime documenting for the future. We still have work to do in her memory.

Posted by Dan K. Utley - Pflugerville, TX - Friend   July 21, 2020

I met this great lady at the Pecos River in Texas. Spent a vacation in Mexico with her. I have always admired her. A loss for Texas and the rockart she so loved. May the Shamans watch over her.

Posted by Michael Blount - Rio Rancho, NM - Friend   July 21, 2020

We are a sorry to hear of Solveig's passing. She was a wonderful neighbor and we have many fun memories of the time.

Posted by Betty Lanctot - San Antonio   July 21, 2020