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Mary Jane Leung Meyers

Obituary for Mary Jane Leung Meyers

February 27, 1926 - July 15, 2019
San Antonio, Texas | Age 93


Mary Jane Leung Meyers, was called home by our Lord on Monday, July 15, 2019. She was born on February 27, 1926 in San Antonio, TX to Sing Lee Leung and Maria Jesus Carrillo Leung. Mary Jane is survived by her loving husband of 70 years, Rodolfo (Rudy) Meyers, her children: Veronica (Gilbert Perez), Judith (Roy Pedroza), Gerard (Dora Mercado), Joseph Paul Leung (Irene Rodriguez), Patricia Ann Leung, granddaughter Jennifer Christine (Almanza), and grandson Jonathan William. Apart from her parents, she was preceded in death by her son, Rodolfo Jr., sister May, and brother Louis Leung.

Visitation will take place at Porter Loring on Saturday, July 27, and Sunday, July 28, from 1:00pm to 9:00pm.

A rosary will be held at Porter Loring on Monday, July 29th @ 7:00pm. On Tuesday, July 30th, @ 9:30am, there will be a Funeral Procession to San Fernando Cathedral for a Mass beginning at 10:00 am, followed by Burial at Fort Sam Houston in Section 105, site 105.

Her final wishes were to spread a message of a good life and with prayers and blessings to all. May God bless each and everyone who provided care and comfort to Mary Jane in her later years and final days.

Here are some life stories of our mom…some good, some sad and some just tidbits of our loving memories. Please add yours to share in the condolences section of this portal…

I remember Mom putting up with me because I cried a lot for no apparent reason; I was considered the cry baby of the family, but Mom was the only one who could cuddle and comfort me I had to see her face to stop crying.

I remember Mom letting me play and ride my tricycle around the laundry mat on Water Street while Veronica had to sit by the black board and write her A B C's SINCE she was the oldest and I was the baby girl.

I remembered we had a black dog there at the laundry name Diamond that Mom said was a wedding present when Mom and Dad got married.

I remember Mom had Veronica and I watch baby brother Gerard on Matagorda Street while she was doing chores with Grandma inside the house. We took baby brother out in front and placed him standing up. He started to jump up and down and hit his mouth against the iron fence. He started to bleed and cry out! Boy did we get in trouble! Mom rushed out took baby brother and told us to get inside and said we couldn't ride our bikes. Veronica was wearing her poodle skirt and I was wearing my cocker spaniel skirt. I believe baby brother lost his front tooth that day

I remember Mom taking us to see Santa and Wonderland at Joskes'.
I remember Mom gave Veronica and I a task to make a payment at Joskes' while she waited in the car. We went on the escalator holding the envelope with the money it slipped from our hands and the escalator swallowed it. What a story we had to tell Mom when we got back to the car!

I remember Mom dressing us up like twins even thought we were not twins I have the same dress the following year. It was a pass me down item.

I remember Mom taking us to Kress after school classes at St. Mary's downtown. Mom would buy us potato doughnuts, and we would eat downstairs at the cafeteria, buy knickknacks, and Beatle records

I remember Mom taking us to Grandmas were we would eat delicious food and learn Spanish.

I remember Mom Dressing us up for Halloween and she too dressed up. In later years as adults we continued tradition and gave out candy.

I remember Mom shopping all over town to help me find the perfect wedding shoes for my wedding day.

I remember that we would go to Fiesta every year, attending the parades, sitting by Bill Millers, getting bath room tickets, eating Fiesta food. Mom's favorite was pappa fritas with enchiladas, which got her in trouble…she had to have her gallbladder removed by DR. SABAS ABUBARA that week! Since that incident we only ate at MI TERRA.

I remember Mom teaching me how to make her famous Spanish rice and beans so i can cook for my husband Roy.

I remember Mom always making sure my husband Roy had coffee and something to eat when he came to my parent's house.

Furry Friends…Our Friends! – Mom's love for animals and influence on the family, by Judith Meyers
I remember Mom feeding the outside neighborhood cats and strays. She knew their names and their characters. When we went to HEB she was very selective of what flavor they should eat. Mom taught me to love all animals. She said "you will never be lonely if you have them".

I remember Mom helped me go to a prom and attend Fox Tech. Since we were stationed in Rhode Island I had only a few credits to graduate Dad wanted me to go to Providence but I didn't want to go since the school didn't have a senior prom. But Mom convinced Dad that I should go to Fox Tech since she graduated also from Fox Tech. The only requirement was I needed to have a part-time job downtown in order to attend because we were out of district. So Mom took me to the TEXAS Employment Agency where they told us a DOCTOR close to Fox Tech was looking for someone with no experience needed. The lady from Texas Employment Agency told me to wear my hair up so I would look older. The next day Mom drove me to 525 Richmond Street, the office of DR. ALFRED BREUER. Mom said "I'm not going inside with you for the interview. WHAT WOULD THE DOCOR THINK THAT YOU'RE A MAMA'S GIRL! You need to go in by your self". DR. BREUER asked me what langue do you speak? I told him all languages (I took Latin classes in Rhode Island). I was hired and from there my nursing career began, and I got to go to Fox Tech and a Senior Prom!

I remember Mom cleaning my room finding quite a few checks from Dr. Breuer in my jewelry box, un-cashed, so she told me "OH NO we need to go to the bank and open a saving account"! And that's we did.

I remember as time went on I would call Mom every day between 8:30 and 9:00am to see how she was doing she would say "are your at work, what day is it, what time is it, are the babies o.k. (dogs and cats) MR.PROFFESSOR"? I would end the call with "call me if you need something. Veronica and I are at work… GOD BLESS, LOVE YOU"!

I remember giving Mom her baths sometimes she didn't want to take a bath. She would tell me to give Dad a bath. Afterward she would ask "did I take a bath"? Yet I would be soaking wet! I LOVED being a caregiver for my Mom, SHE WAS A JOY!

MAMA does not need to thank us; WE need to thank YOU for all the love, support, and guidance you gave us thru out your life!


Of course over her life I had many, many meals with my Mom and the family. Some big, some small, some quick but all filled with her love. Most notable was our Last Supper together, the afternoon of Tuesday, July 9th.

In her last days at the Baptist Hospital, Mom was eating sparingly, at best. She was reluctant to eat her prepared Hospital meals, Jello, or even pudding. However, that Tuesday was special for Mom and I. After refusing the afternoon Hospital meal tray, we were watching TV and during a Burger King commercial Mom said, "now that looks good! Gerry, can you get me a burger?" Astounded, I had to ask her, "what?, … Mom you want a BURGER?"… she said, "Yes, but no cheese, and with mayonnaise, and NO PICKLES"… I jumped out of my chair and told her I would be right back!

I was on a mission! I couldn't leave Mom's bedside too long, so no trips to find a local BK. I took a chance and went to the hospital cafeteria where I explained to the cook the dilemma and my mission. Bless his heart, he said "son, I will not only cook your mom a burger, we will get her a double, with bacon!" He was true to his word… He cooked a burger fit for a Queen… my Mom!

Sitting in the hospital room Mom and I split the juicy burger. The room was filled with the smell of a greasy burger and accompanying hot crinkle fries… she smiled as she maneuvered holding a small portion of the burger with her bruised and swollen hands. Despite this, mom chomped away at the burger and delighted in the crunchy warm fries.

It was her /our Last Supper together and I will forever cherish this memory as I chomp away at my next Burger King…

Late at night on July 4, 2019, Mom while standing up out of her recliner (assuming to go to the rest room or go to bed) mom fell and fractured her left femur. With this fall, she severely bruised her left arm so much so that you couldn't even gently touch it without being painful for her. The next day she had surgery at the Baptist Hospital (downtown) where Dr. Guy Reyes inserted a titanium rod in her leg (femur) with screws in 3 places. Her age and the severity of her fall complicated her healing. She had an onset of high sugar, high blood pressure and an irregular heartbeat… all of which were being treated with a cocktail of medications (more than I understand or even care to list)… But the docs and the Hospital were giving her the best of care. My dad stayed every night with her for reassurance and one of us (Judy, Veronica, Gilbert, or myself) were there as well…

Mom would routinely ask for water and took sips here and there. She ate sparingly, but I don't recall her ever eating any of the Hospital food to any significant degree. She would ask me to exercise her arms and legs. We got to the point of where she would raise her arms, wiggle her fingers, squeeze my hands, push her feet back against our hands, and even elevating both legs back and forth… Dad got really good at keeping her leg exercises going. Judy would wash her face, brush her hair, and her teeth… Veronica kept detailed records via cell phone text messages (I'm sure that AT&T / Verizon were challenged with the number & length of text messages flowing between the three of us!)…Of course, Judy's medical knowledge and keen awareness of her medical history had all of us and the hospital staff well informed and hopping… She would question every procedure, advise, update the nurses, doctors and staff of mom's history, needs, and medical conditions.

Her health seemed to improve, albeit bed ridden (due to the fracture), and the hospital felt she should be transferred to rehabilitation and skilled care. On Thursday, July 11th mom was transferred to Legend Oaks South… It was a circus to get her transferred and we were concerned about many things… the timing, the care, the controls (that are required by the facility), private room availability, dad's sleeping accommodations, and of course dad's health as this whole process was taxing and worrisome for our 93 year old father…

After a very tiresome and long weekend, Mom's health spiraled down. She was rushed back to the ER of the Baptist Hospital, then moved to ICU, where at about 6am, on Monday, July 15th, she was ushered into God's hands…

I recall the excitement of dad purchasing our first modern automatic vehicle! It was a sporty, white, two (2) door Chevy Malibu... clean lines, light blue vinyl interior, air condition, and a transistor AM/FM radio! This was a far cry from the 1962 Ford Comet, with a manual transmission, cloth seats (with several loose springs), no ac and a tube AM radio (it would take some time for the radio to come on as it had to warm up)...It was our workhorse and not fancy...
Mom's first drive of the Malibu put us almost through the front windshield when she attempted to left foot "clutch" the single brake pedal full force sending all occupants lurching forward... It took Mom a few tries and many reminders that the Malibu did not have a clutch and to keep her left foot from engaging the brake pedal...

Early on my children (Jennifer and Jonathan) affectionately referred to their Grandma as "Grandma Lobo". This was derived from the need to distinguish Jennifer and Jonathan's 2 sets of grandparents from each other. Uniquely, each grandparent had a dog… Dora's Mom and Dad (Frank and Juanita Mercado) had "Lady" – a scruffy short legged, curly blonde and white haired terrier mix – who was glued to "Grandpa Lady" in every thing he did. In the end, both Grandpa Mercado and Lady were hard of hearing, couldn't see very well and both walked with limp.

My parents, had Lobo (see below)… so they became affectionately known as "Grandma / pa Lobo"… Dora's Mom and Dad were then lovingly referred to as "Grandma / pa Lady"

Even in her last day (Sunday, July 14), my Mom asked "how's Jennifer?"… "how's Jonathan?"… Without exception, my mom was concerned for their well-being and wanting to know more about their lives… always asking "how's Jennifer?"… "how's Jonathan?"…

My recount of Mom's last years is my personal perspective, and I'm sure others have a different story, but this is mine…

In her later years Mom was loved and well cared for by my dad (Rodolfo). A great deal of her love and care came from my sisters Judy (& her husband, Roy), Veronica (& her husband, Gilbert) as they would routinely check on Mom and dad. They would provide them meals, coffee, snacks, bathe my Mom, and keep them occupied on special days. Dr. Lozano, Mom and Dad's family physician, used his God given gift of medical skill and care to keep them comfortable and ahead of aging challenges…THANK YOU ALL!

Mom was able to walk about with the aid of her cane, then her walker and at times used a wheel chair. With some exceptions, she was independent for her personal hygiene (brushing her own hair, teeth, etc…), but of course in the last few years this grew more difficult, especially as she had severe back and arm pain. Over the years her hearing was noticeably degrading. We had provided her hearing aids which helped (until she lost them). You would have to really give a shout for her to hear but all in all she understood what was being said. As dementia set in she was forgetful, but at no point did I see her lose clarity of who she was, who her loved ones were and often surprised us with comments of the past.

Tidbits – quick memories that I have of my Mom, by Gerard Meyers
Cars my Mom drove (that I recall):
1962 Ford Comet – Maroon, 4dr, 3-spd manual, cloth interior, tube AM radio, no ac!
1956 Dodge Coronet – White, 4dr, push button automatic, steel behemoth, no ac!
1968 Chevy Chevelle Malibu – White, 2dr, automatic, her first ac equipped vehicle!
2002? Chevy Prizm – Sandy Metallic, 4dr, automatic, ac

Gas station:
Texaco, full service gas station at the corner of S. Presa and Leigh
Owned by a lady named Mrs. Paul. Long since closed and now a restaurant / bakery

Simple, plain, white, rice. She made a delightful white rice, cabbage and bacon dish – although I'm not sure when was the last time she cooked this
Chinese food, especially the egg drop soup
Chicken wings, but they had to be crispy
Pan fried round steak, dinner fries, smothered with Ranch style beans – even today, I have a craving for this favorite dish she routinely prepared
Hamburger on the Shingle – a good old Navy dish (I think – not sure)… easy to make and a delightful meal… you can ask my Dad what this was (he also had another name for it)

Habachi Buffet – mostly for special occasions in the last decade of her life
Patty's Taco House – Mom & dad were regulars there, so much so their names are noted on a dedicated first door (now on display) when the restaurant first opened
Pig Stand – On the corner of S. Alamo and S. Presa, early years where the family would dine. Mom would give me $2 to get Grandma Leung a plate of hot cakes for breakfast. Long since closed. Notably, my brother, Paul Leung, worked there in his teens.

Many, many pets were in the care of my mother (and dad) over the years… Here are some:
Countless cats – especially in the last decade where these four legged fur balls could find food, comfort, and blankets on mom and dad's front porch – some named, some not, but all loved
Buddy / Max – first cats that I recall that we had in Rhode Island
Harry – short hair Tabby. Really my 1st cat, but of course my Mom did all the caring / feeding
Elizabeth – feisty black / white / grey long haired terrier
Damian – Siamese cat – shrewd but lovable kitty
Brownie – mixed breed medium brown / black / white, car chaser…very protective
Lobo* – Part Alaskan Husky – I believe was originally owned by Patricia
Patty / Patrick – large mixed breeds that kept my parents busy in their later lives. These were the last dogs my parents loved and owned
Parakeets / Finches / Turtles / Fish – at one time or another, my childhood homes were filled with feathers and fins…
New Braunfels Wildlife (in our New Braunfels home) - White Tails & Axis deer – while mom didn't own or keep deer, she loved to come to my house and see these magnificent creatures feed off the corn. Squirrels – seeing these fuzzy creatures chasing about the deer and bird feeders was a joy for mom. Hummingbirds – she would be mesmerized by their flight and beauty. If for no other reason, this has a lasting memory for me in my home.

Mom enjoyed the company of family and friends. However, she had a very special place in her heart for all furry creatures big and small. This influence is seen in the lives of her children (and our families), as we all share a common love for God's furry companions…

Sitting on the porch in a wooden swing chair. Cool summer evening on Matagorda Street, listening to music on red AM radio. Viva KONO, KTSA, just us girls.
Mom in pretty high heels that she bought at Russell's, but always carrying her chanclas, just in case.
Sitting in front of a chalkboard with Mom making me write the ABC's while chiflada Judy gets to play...
Hanging around while Mom got ready to go out with Dad, I can still remember her perfume filling the air, her beautiful shiny black hair, the way she pursed her lips as she applied her bright red lipstick.
I can see her face close up as she bends down over me, concerned, putting her cool hand on my forehead, telling grandma to bring the Vicks, the St Joseph chewable aspirin (I liked that) and Olive oil for my earache.
Mom in our little kitchen on Matagorda, frying liver (yuk!), telling me & Judy to eat it so we'd be healthy. We noticed that some how, Mom managed to avoid eating any herself!

After grandma died, Mom was pretty strong & held her tears back but one day, I came home, couldn't find her, looked everywhere, heard noise from one of the closets, opened door and there she was, eyes red from crying, saying she missed grandma.

When we were in grade school at St Mary's, sometimes, Mom would take me & Judy for a little snack to Kress' downtown. Kress had a cafeteria on the lower level. You'd have to go thru a turnstile to get in. We'd sit at the lunch counter. I always ordered mashed potatoes with gravy and if we had enough money for the bus, we could order dessert. We had to promise not to tell grandma and to be sure to eat what she made for supper.

Me & Mom sometimes sneaking off after lunch without Judy (the health nut) to have a wicked and decadent dessert ssh, don't tell Judy!

Mom was always trying to teach us practical things, like how to answer the phone or how to pay a bill. Mom was having her hair done at the beauty shop in the basement of Joske's. While she was under the dryer, she called me over and instructed me how to make the monthly payment on our charge account. I think I was in the 4th grade and had a reputation for day dreaming with an attention span of less than 10 sec. Anyway, rolling my eyes while Mom spoke, I took off, bill in hand, $35 payment in a white envelope. I took the escalator, hesitantly, it scared me. Stopped off at street level, visited the Western saddles, the water fountain and the bakery. Smelled so good. Next level, toy department and I was lost. Finally, realizing how long I'd been gone, flew to payment window on 3rd floor. Proudly handed the payment to the clerk who said, "So that's a payment of $15.00..,"wait, what happened? Where was the $20 dollar bill? Well, many tears, feeble excuses and frantic searches later, Mom (hair looked great) knew I had learned my lesson, no words needed.
Remember when my dear Gilbert came to the house to ask Dad for my hand in marriage. Mom had already met him and knew what was going on. While she was skeptical about our upcoming nuptials, we hoped she'd support us. Alas, seeing how angry dad got, how he grilled my poor husband to be, when dad asked Mom if she knew anything about this, Mom wisely chose life, and denied everything! Declaring that he had only one daughter, Gilbert & I disappeared into the night. While I was "dead", Mom continued to send us care packages & check on us. She subtly gave updates to Dad until the ban was lifted.

One of the happiest days was when Mom wanted to receive all of the Sacraments of the Catholic Church. She attended classes at San Fernando under a special program of Archbishop Flores for adults. Praise the Lord!

I know Pat and Paul have many stories / memories of their middle school days, working at the icehouse with Mom & Dad & Gerry. Unfortunately, I was either in college or traveling with Gilbert in the Air Force so I can't relate any of these tales but I do know that they loved Mom very, very much.

Too many memories, some happy, sad, good, and bad. Mom was a good woman, a good role model. Always encouraging us to never stop learning. She may not have been perfect but she was perfect enough for all of us. Thanks Mom! Kiss Grandma, say hello to Grandfather Leung, Aunt May, Uncle Louie, Aunt Charlotte and all the Meyers clan, and my friend Fr. V…

I know heaven is a better place because of you.

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