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Tony Michale Lindback

Obituary for Tony Michale Lindback

April 20, 1981 - December 20, 2017
Bulverde, Texas | Age 36


Tony Michale Lindback was a great man who touched many more lives than any of us even realized. He filled many roles: he was a son, a brother, a husband, a father, a soldier, a writer, a mechanic, a friendly neighbor, a dedicated Christian, and a friend to everyone he met.

He was dedicated to being close to his family. Looking through photos, you can see how much he loved the family he was born into. He and his older sister, Tuesday had a love-hate relationship. Our parents actually had to change the "Slug Bug" game so they'd stop bruising each other, but when times were tough, they were always each other's best ally. I came about when he was seventeen, but even then, he wasn't afraid to be a doting big brother. He worked with me on my writing, even answering and correcting emails about essays or little stories I'd write for fun when he moved away. He taught me self-defense by wrestling with me almost every time he came to visit. He and our little brother Colby shared a love for cars. He always found a way for Colby to help when he and Dad were out in the garage, so Colby wouldn't feel limited. He even bought an El Camino that he planned to work on with his brother so that it would accommodate his wheelchair. Living four states away didn't keep him from much, he still came out and saw a few of my plays, celebrated birthdays and even made it to my high school graduation.

He also had an immense love for the family he created and the family he married into. His and Gayle's relationship always looked magical to me. They never appeared to have a problem they couldn't talk through. They always seemed to be having fun together, whether they were at the shooting range trying out their guns or at home tickling each other to the floor. Their first little girls were a bit furry, and went by the names of Jasmine and Lady. He loved playing with his dogs, and Jasmine would go all day long fetching. Later, they had a beautiful little girl they named Mallory, and a few years after that, another beautiful little girl named Grace. The girls were his pride and joy. He enjoyed any time he could spend with his daughters. He often played hide and seek with them, spun them around the living room, swam with them, rode horseback with them at Brett Lindback's ranch, and any time he came up to Minnesota, he would dart around with them on ATV's. Any time he talked about his family, his eyes lit up, his ears somehow lifted, and his big goofy grin spread across his face. He loved Mallory's selflessness, and how easily she could brush things off and keep going. He was delighted when Grace expressed interest in fixing Mallory's bike. She wanted to work on "building things", so he went out and made sure she'd have her own tools, and even built a purple and white work bench that is large enough for her to use as an adult. He enjoyed spending time with his mother in law and father in law. He would often take Roxanne on motorcycle rides for quick errands.

He loved food. Growing up, Papa Brown would buy boxes full of tomatoes and pickles for Tuesday and Tony, and they would down them in a flash! Same goes for watermelon. Mom says Tony could eat a whole watermelon in under thirty minutes. Tony, Tuesday, and Mackenzie fought over Mom's banana pudding at every family gathering, and anytime he was home we'd mysteriously go through several bundles of bananas. Since moving to Texas, Tony learned the craft of smoking and grilling. He really enjoyed playing with flavors and making delicious barbeque. Harry Becker, his father in law, says there is really nothing else that can compare to Tony's barbecue.

He was the life of a party and looked to find joy in every day he was given. I can't remember a single family wedding where he wasn't the first person on the dance floor. Tony wasn't afraid to look silly, he would bust out the robot or lawnmower shamelessly. He loved competing. Even picking berries became a competition between him and Tuesday.

He was an amazing friend. As a child, he liked finding ways to get into mischief. One time, he and one of his best friends Nick Larson decided it would be a good (or at least fun) idea to try to pull each other behind a snowmobile. Tony would readily stand up and fight for his friends or really anybody, and didn't hesitate to track down seven guys when they tried to beat his friend up. He was great with words not only in writing but also in person. He helped friends through periods of grief by offering a shoulder to cry on and reassurances that it will be okay.

He was a hard worker. He enjoyed writing articles and managing public affairs for the United States Military, and always wanted it to be right. One time, he was given a camera to work with that wasn't up to snuff for the quality he wanted. He was willing to go buy the right camera himself in order to get the quality photos he wanted, and his friend Clinton had to talk him into waiting for the military to pay for it. He worked with Daily Bread Ministries to provide food for families in need. Tony had even just been promoted at his dream job working on and refurbishing classic cars at Valor Performance.

He had strong Christian values. He instilled them in his family, and was happy to talk about them with anyone who would listen. Harry and Tony would sit up until two in the morning sometime just talking about the mysteries of God and what the end times would look like. Tony did everything he could to help those around him, whether that meant helping a neighbor move, donating to a family in need, or even giving someone the shirt off his back.

He is survived and dearly missed by his wife, Gayle Lindback and their two daughters Mallory and Grace Lindback; His parents, Jeff and Kathy Lindback, his siblings, Tuesday and (Ron) Shaw and their children Dallas and Cody, Mackenzie Lindback, Autumn Lindback, and Colby Lindback; his in-laws, Harold and Roxanne Becker, Harold Becker Jr., Trisha and (Eric) Ryberg, Kristin and (Christopher) Anderson and their sons Raynor and Christopher Jr. He is also survived and missed by countless aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends.

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